The Best Alternatives To Reddit in 2022

Internet users in 2022 are all too familiar with Reddit. It's been around since the advent of the WWW age and has had carved a niche for itself in the world of social media as one of the original frontrunners that created a space for sharing and discussing ideas.

Reddit is a collection of forums where registered users may discuss practically anything they want, including news, pop culture, technology, comics, cinema, literature, and the strangest things in the world.

Reddit bills itself as "the first page of the Internet," and it has proven to be exactly that over the previous 15 years. Its users appear to be able to spot trends and breaking events before anybody else and then remark on them, often with exceptional wit or insightful knowledge.

The Best Forum Websites: Sites & Apps Similar To Reddit

If you're looking for an alternative to Reddit for any number of reasons, and are looking for forum websites or platforms to create or join a community, there are plenty of different options to choose from. Here's a definitive list of everything you could try and the purposes they intend to serve so that you can make an informed choice!

1. Discourse

Best for: Building and hosting a forum community on your website or platform

Discourse is a 100 percent open-source conversation platform designed for the Internet's next decade. It may be used as a mailing list, a discussion forum, or a long-form chat room, among other things.

The good news is that Discourse is and always will be a completely free and open-source project. Self-hosting may be desirable for reasons other than costs, such as privacy or complete control over the free software you've installed. This is how you may install it on your server.

Alternatively, you may have Discourse installed or hosted in the cloud by the community at a monthly cost.

2. Quora

Best for: Getting specific answers from community members who are well versed on a subject

Unlike Reddit which follows a more forum-based approach, Quora takes discussions into a more question-and-answer territory. Quora is a question-and-answer website where members of the community ask, answer, modify, and organize questions. Its goal is to "share and expand knowledge throughout the world."

Users may keep track of subjects they're interested in and read questions and answers about them. They may even track down specific individuals to examine the queries and answers they've provided.

Quality material is very important on Quora. Before a post is published, it is vetted by editors, and users can vote up or down to decide its relative value.

3. Steemit

Best for: Users looking for a community website built on top of the decentralized blockchain system

Steemit Home Page
Steemit Home Page

Steemit is a blogging and social networking platform built on the blockchain. For producing and curating content, users may earn STEEM, a cryptocurrency.

Steemit is a decentralized application (DApp) based on the Steem blockchain that rewards users for their content with STEEM money. Users can select the payment of posts and comments by voting on them. Users may also earn "Curation Rewards" for discovering and upvoting material that is then upvoted by other users.

4. Hacker News

Best for: Folks interested in new developments in technology and entrepreneurship

Hacker News
Hacker News

Hacker News was started as a community for ex-Redditors. The founder, Paul Graham intended Hacker News to be a site where people could relive the glory days of Reddit when the majority of the community was made up of hackers. As Reddit grew in popularity, the site's hacking emphasis shifted. As the community developed, the user base dwindled, and Hacker News became a new home for some of the early Reddit hackers.

Hacker News works like Reddit: users contribute news links, and stories are rated according to a voting mechanism. The voting method, however, distinguishes Hacker News from Reddit. You can vote for articles that you like, but you can't vote for tales that you don't like (but you can flag stories)

5. Discord

Best for: Community chat rooms with a free voice, video, and text chat app

Discord is a free audio, video, and text chat service used by tens of millions of individuals aged 13 and above to communicate and socialize with their friends and communities.

People use Discord regularly to discuss a variety of topics, from art projects and family vacations to homework and mental health help. It's a home for communities of various sizes, but it is most popular among small, active groups of individuals who communicate daily.

The great majority of servers are private, invite-only locations where friends and communities may communicate and spend time together. Because all discussions are opt-in, users have complete choice over who they connect with and how they use Discord.

People adore Discord because it serves as a hub for all of their online networks and social groupings. It's a haven where they can be themselves while socializing with others who share their interests and pastimes. There is no algorithm selecting what they should see, there is no constant scrolling, and there is no news feed. Discord conversations are fueled by common interests.

6. The Stack Exchange Network

Best for: Asking and answering questions in a specific niche driven by community experts.

Stack Exchange Homepage
Stack Exchange Homepage

Stack Exchange is a network of 177 communities maintained by professionals and enthusiasts like you who are enthusiastic about a certain subject. They create libraries of high-quality questions and answers that are tailored to each community's expertise.

The most popular Stack Exchange website is Stack Overflow which is used to ask and answer questions related to programming and Computer Science. However, with the multitude of available communities, users can ask and answer questions on a multitude of topics such as mathematics, physics, languages, photography, history & geography, banking & personal finance, gaming, and so on.

7. 9GAG

Best for: For those interested in sharing funny memes and pictures

9GAG began as a simple website for sharing memes and humorous photographs but has now evolved into a hilarious platform with a fantastic community. It isn't a direct rival to Reddit. But, thanks to a slew of new sections based on users' interests, 9GAG has emerged as a viable alternative to Reddit.

Posts can be commented on, and debates can take place. While Reddit is useful, 9GAG is all about having fun with memes and humorous photos, as well as a hilarious comment area.

There are plenty of alternatives to Reddit on the internet. While Reddit is the most popular platform by far, many similar websites have cropped up over the years that serve a similar purpose. We hope this list will help you find an alternative that suits your needs.