150+ Spotify Playlist Name Ideas: Aesthetic, Creative & More!

If you're looking for good playlist names for your list of soulful tracks and tunes, you've come to the right place. It's hard to choose the right name for your playlist, and they can vary depending on your mood, the genre that your playlist is about, and even your personality!

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We want your playlist to reflect exactly who you are so we've curated a list of popular playlist names depending on what you want. Looking for an aesthetic name? Or maybe you've just gotten out of a relationship and want to create a sad playlist? Maybe, you're feeling creative! Read on to find our top picks and happy music listening!

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Aesthetic Playlist Name Ideas

  1. Sunny Days & Cozy Nights
  2. Saturday Soiree
  3. Moonlight Serenade
  4. Caribbean Nights
  5. Cosmic Tunes
  6. Midnight Masquerade
  7. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  8. Springtime in Paris
  9. Martinis at Midnight
  10. Heaven on Earth
  11. Moonlight and Roses
  12. Magic Under the Stars
  13. Manhattan Mystique
  14. Invisible Dreams
  15. Rain & Disco
  16. LoFi Summer Haze
  17. Candle Lit Dinners
  18. Walking on Wet Grass
  19. Rainbows & Unicorns
  20. Pot of Gold
  21. Space Concert
  22. Melodies For Long Drives
  23. Sailing Through Wind and Sailors
  24. The Soundtrack to Your Summer
  25. Everybody Loves the Sunshine
  26. Good Times & Grooves
  27. Waves Crashing on the Coastline
  28. Walking on Sunshine
  29. Carpool Karaoke
  30. Last Night in the Rain
  31. Sunshine on the Porch
  32. We’re Made of Stardust
  33. The Golden Daze of Summer
  34. Stargazing Into Early Mornings
  35. Breathing Easy at the Beach
  36. Soul Soothing Sounds
  37. The Dark Side of the Moon
  38. Driving Down Sunset Boulevard
  39. Laid Back Beats
  40. Soulful Sundays
  41. Moody Mondays
  42. Treble Tuesdays
  43. Whimsical Wednesdays
  44. Thrill Thursdays
  45. Funk Fridays
  46. Saturday Sooth
  47. We Got the Groove
  48. For Those Special Sunrise Moments
  49. Rain on a Balcony in Barcelona
  50. Dancing Alone in your Room with Dim Lights
  51. That Little Black Dress Feeling

Sad Playlist Names

  1. The Dark Side of the Moon
  2. The One That Got Away
  3. Lonely Nights & Broken Hearts
  4. Broken Heart Society
  5. They Were Everything
  6. Never Enough
  7. Songs To Cry To
  8. Songs That Make My Heart Break
  9. Starcrossed Lovers
  10. Lost Lovers Paradise
  11. Blue Tunes
  12. For When You're Falling in Love with the Wrong Person
  13. Broken Hearts Club
  14. Broken & Bruised Society
  15. Break My Heart Again
  16. I Wish I Never Met You
  17. All I Ever Wanted
  18. You Betrayed Me
  19. If My Heart Had a Voice
  20. Songs That Make My Heart Weep
  21. The Broken Hearted
  22. Songs That Make Me Question My Life
  23. The Real Me is Something Else
  24. Will We Meet Again?
  25. The Blues of the Chorus
  26. Warm Hugs
  27. It Hurts to Miss
  28. Getting Lost in What I love
  29. Sad Music for Unhappy Souls
  30. The End of the Relationship
  31. Another Lonely Day in Paradise
  32. Ocean of Tears
  33. Please Don’t Break My Heart
  34. Feeling Alone
  35. We Will Never Be the Same
  36. I'm Sorry I Missed Your Calls
  37. No Tears Left To Cry
  38. Teardrops on My Guitar
  39. Lonely Nights
  40. Songs that make me question my life
  41. Too Sad to Cry
  42. This is Life I Guess
  43. C'est La Vie
  44. Broken To Pieces
  45. Songs That Save Me
  46. Alone at a Party
  47. Cry Yourself To Sleep & Music
  48. Hold My Hand & Don't Let Go
  49. Midnight Pillows
  50. Sighs & Yearns
  51. Strumming my Heartstrings
  52. Don’t Listen To This All Night
  53. Baby, Please Come Home
  54. Lonely Lullabies for Sweet Dreams

Creative Playlist Name Ideas

  1. Hop ‘Til You Drop
  2. Folklore & Fables
  3. Hey You, Are You Listening
  4. Melodious Melodies
  5. Your Mum's Favourite Songs
  6. Friday Night Fever
  7. Workday Wind Down
  8. Friday Night Fever
  9. Tuesday Tune Out
  10. Feel Good Friday Playlist
  11. Poetry in Motion
  12. Songs I’ll die to
  13. Songs I’ll walk my dog to
  14. Songs I’ll let my dog walk me to
  15. Far Away and Longing
  16. Frienemies & Bad Blood
  17. Blowing Bubbles & Blaring Beats
  18. Songs I’ll “accidentally” break my mom’s vases to
  19. Songs to smash my head against a wall constantly screaming
  20. Songs to get grounded to
  21. Songs to sneak out to
  22. It Sounds Good in Metal
  23. Don’t Listen While Driving
  24. Naturally Acceptable, Unnaturally Hated by Everyone
  25. Bizarre Conspiracy Mix
  26. London Warehouse
  27. New York Penthouse
  28. Skrrtttt
  29. Driving in a Getaway Car
  30. It’s All Just Sunshine, Baby
  31. Dreaming of Cotton Candy Skies
  32. Peonies and Palmas
  33. My Electric Guitar Gently Weeps
  34. That One Song on the Radio
  35. Radio Drives
  36. All I Want is Music & Sunshine
  37. Songs About Feelings and Other Stupid Things
  38. The Anti-Social, Social Club
  39. Stay Wild My Sweet Summer Child
  40. Songs That Make You Dance on Tip Toes
  41. Artists That Sing in Cursive
  42. POV: You’re The Main Character In a Rom-Com
  43. Songs For the Fairy Child
  44. Ballads of Tomorrow
  45. Music For My Teenage Angst
  46. In A World Of My Own
  47. If You Saw This Playlist Name Before, No You Didn’t
  48. Insert Playlist Name Here
  49. The Best Playlist of all Time

Choosing a playlist name can be challenging because there are way too many choices. In this article, you’ve seen over 150 of the best, sad, aesthetic names for your playlist.

Feel free to use any of those names for your playlist on Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music!